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Sign up to Receive Emergency Alerts

ReadyMontco (formerly ReadyNotify)

In July 2015, Montgomery County updated its system for sending emergency alerts to residents via call, text and email from ReadyNotify to ReadyMontco. To continue receiving alerts and to gain access to the new system’s improved features, subscribers had to update their existing account or open a new one.

The improved ReadyMontco system offers several new options:
• Selecting as many or few alerts as desired for emergencies, weather, traffic and more.
• Receiving alerts via cell phone, email, text, home landline, work phone or new Mobile Member app.
• Selecting alerts for a specific address and other sites of interest.
• Specifying particular times during the day when a subscriber would prefer to block weather notifications.

Some of the notification topics available include:
• Severe weather warnings, including tornado watches/warnings.
• Traffic disruptions, such as major collisions and road closures.
• Shelter-in-place and evacuation information.
• Significant water main breaks.
• Significant law enforcement or fire/rescue incidents impacting the community.

When an incident or emergency occurs, authorized senders will notify subscribers through ReadyMontco. This gives subscribers a direct connection to updates and instructions on where to go, what to do, what not to do, whom to contact and other important information. To learn more or to sign up to receive the alerts, visit or call 610-631-6530.


Business Registry

The purpose of Emergency Management is to plan for and coordinate resources within the Township in the event of an emergency. The Emergency Management Team is currently updating contact information for businesses in Cheltenham Township.  All business operators should fill out the form (pdf file) and mail it to:


Cheltenham Township Emergency Management
8230 Old York Road
Elkins Park, PA 19027-1589.


The information will be used only in case of emergency by the Emergency Management team and will be kept confidential. Please notify Emergency Management of any changes in the information by phone 215-887-6200, ext. 510 or email.  


Emergency Management team members may contact business operators directly to update the information. 


Thank you for your cooperation. 


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