Trails are great for exercise, getting to places without a car, and just enjoying the outdoors. Because trails reduce car travel and make it safe to walk and bike off the road from one part of the Township to another, trails fit into the "Mobility" goal of the 10 initiatives stated in Cheltenham’s Sustainability Goals.

Beyond the township, Montgomery County has many miles of trails.  Many more trails are planned in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, and throughout the Philadelphia region. In fact, The Circuit Trails network currently has 350 miles of trails and will eventually have 800+ miles that will connect the region.

Here in Cheltenham, plans exist to expand the Tookany Creek Trail to connect most of the township and to expand the Cresheim Trail into Cheltenham. Eventually, both will be part of the Circuit.


Tookany Creek Trail

Many residents walk and bike on the existing Tookany Creek Trail that runs along Tookany Creek Parkway. During the pandemic, we saw people opt outside with even greater frequency and enjoy exercise and natural surroundings on this trail.
How would you like to walk, bike, or roll from where Tookany Creek Parkway meets Cheltenham Ave to High School Road near Ogontz Field?  According to a 2021 study by the Township and its partners, Tookany-Tacony/Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc. (TTF) and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), such a trail is feasible, connecting existing sections and adding new ones.  This trail would connect to multiple locations within Cheltenham, from retail shops and food options, to train stations, to recreational areas.  It would eventually form part of The Circuit, the 800+ mile network of trails planned across the Philadelphia region.

A Walk Along the Tookany Creek Trail shows the planned route and the landmarks and parks along the way. More information about the study and Cheltenham portions of the trail can be found on our website here.


Cresheim Trail

The proposed Cresheim Trail will travel primarily along old railroad rights-of-way and connect multiple communities in Philadelphia and Montgomery County. Like the Tookany Creek Trail, the Cresheim Trail would be part of The Circuit, a network of trails across the region. The section envisioned for Cheltenham Township would go from Cheltenham Avenue in the vicinity of Waverly Road, cross over Route 309, and then parallel Church Road to Arcadia University.

For more information, see the Cresheim Trail website and Friends of the Cresheim Trail Facebook page.