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Delinquent Real Estate Taxes Fees & Costs

Fees, Costs, Interest and Procedures Pertaining to Delinquent Real Estate Taxes - Starting in 2011, per Ordinance No. 2229-11


1.       Fees to be Added to the Unpaid Claim. 


Cheltenham Township hereby approves the following fee schedule for the collection of unpaid claims, which fees shall be added to the unpaid claim.


(a)  Notice Expense.  A charge, not to exceed $50.00, plus postage, shall be added to the unpaid claim for providing notice of delinquency pursuant to Section 7106 of the Municipal Claims and Tax Liens Act.  Cheltenham Township may hire a private company to perform this service and add the amount of this charge to the unpaid claim. 


          (b) Collection Fees.


Handling fee for returned check

$ 30.00



Handling fee to issue refund check

$ 20.00



Bookkeeping fee for payment plan of 3 months or less

$ 25.00



Bookkeeping fee for payment plan of more than 3 months

$ 50.00



Guaranteed Payoff Fee

$ 25.00



          (c) Legal Fees.


Initial review and sending first demand letter




File lien and prepare satisfaction




Prepare Writ of Scire Facias




Obtain Re-issued Writ

$ 30.00



Prepare and mail letter under Pa. R.C.P. 237.1

$  30.00



Prepare Motion for Alternate Service




Prepare Request for Production of Documents


 in preparation for Trial

$  25.00



Prepare Pre-Trial Memorandum




Prepare Motion for Judgment for Want of Sufficient


Affidavit of Defense pursuant to 53 P.S. §7271




Prepare Default Judgment




Prepare Writ of Execution




Attendance at Sale; Review Schedule


of Distribution and Resolve Distribution Issues




Continue Sheriff Sale




Petition to Assess Damages

$ 50.00



Petition for Free and Clear Sale




Prepare bankruptcy proof of claim




Services not covered above

At an hourly rate between $60.00-$225.00 per hour


2. Costs to be added to the Unpaid Claims.


In addition, the reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket charges, costs, expenses, commissions and fees incurred in collection, such as but not limited to, postage, title searches, prothonotary fees and sheriff fees, shall be added to the unpaid claims.


3.  Interest.  Interest will be assessed upon all delinquent unpaid real estate taxes at a rate of 10% per annum and added to the unpaid claim.


4. Collection Procedures.  The following collection procedures are hereby established in accordance with the Act:


(a)  At least thirty (30) days prior to assessing or imposing attorney fees in connection with the collection of an account, Cheltenham Township or its designee shall mail or cause to be mailed, by certified mail, return receipt requested, a notice of such intention to the taxpayer or other entity liable for the account (the AProperty Owner@).


(b)  If the certified mail notice is undelivered, then, at least ten (10) days prior to the assessing or imposing such attorney fees, Cheltenham Township or its designee shall mail or cause to be mailed, by first class mail, a second notice to the property owner.


(c) All notices required by this Ordinance shall be mailed to the property owner=s last known post office address as recorded in the records or other information of Cheltenham Township or such other address as it may be able to obtain from the County Office of Assessment and Revision of Taxes.


(d)  Each notice as described above shall include the following:


(i) The type of tax or other charge, the date it became due and the amount owed, including penalty and interest;


(ii) A statement of  Cheltenham Township’s intent to impose or assess attorney fees within thirty (30) days after the mailing of the first notice, or within ten (10) days after the mailing of the second notice;


(iii) The manner in which the assessment or imposition of attorney fees may be avoided by payment of the account; and


(iv) The place of payment for accounts and the name and telephone number of Cheltenham Township’s representative designated as responsible for collection matters.

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