Residential Permit Parking Program

Designed to give primary access to available parking spaces to neighborhood residents in the designated Permit Parking Areas, which were established by the Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners, shown below. Note: Parking permits do not guarantee or reserve parking spaces; they only authorize the parking of a permitted vehicle in the designated Permit Parking Area.

Permit Parking Areas

  •  Woodland Road, south side, from Glenside Avenue to Greenwood Avenue.
  • Glenview Road, both sides, from Park Lane to 60 feet southwest of Glenside Avenue.
  • Cliff Terrace, both sides, from Glenside Avenue to the terminus.
  • South Avenue, east side, from Paxson Avenue to 200 feet north of Glenside Avenue.
  • Fernbrook Avenue, west side, from Greenwood Avenue to 45 feet west of the ninety-degree bend.
  • Fernbrook Avenue, north side, from Maple Avenue to 45 feet west of the ninety-degree bend.
  • Greenwood Avenue, west side, from Woodland Road to 55 feet south of Fernbrook Avenue.
  • Glenside Avenue, both sides, Woodland Road to Hewett Road.
  • Spring Avenue, south side, from Park Avenue to 105 feet east.
  • Park Avenue, east side, from Spring Avenue to 130 feet south.
  • Crest Avenue, both sides, from Valley Road to Oak Avenue. (Melrose Park)
  • Harrison Avenue, west side, from Glenside Avenue to Waverly Road.
  • Maple Avenue, north side, from 30 feet east of Greenwood Avenue to Fernbrook Avenue
  • Lynnwood Avenue, east side, from Glenside Avenue to Montier Road.
  • Lismore Avenue, east side, from Glenside Avenue to Waverly Road.
  • W. Glenside Avenue, south side, from 55 feet east of Lynnwood Avenue to 211 feet east of Lynnwood Avenue. 
  • 900 Valley Road to Mill Road, south side


Vehicles must have a designated parking permit to legally park in the Wyncote, Glenside or Elkins Park Permit Parking Areas from 9AM - 10AM and 4PM-5PM on Mondays through Fridays OR the Melrose Park Permit Parking Area from 9AM-10AM and 4PM-6PM on Mondays through Saturdays, except on legal holidays.

Obtaining a Permit

To be eligible, the owner/operator of the vehicle must live on or immediately adjacent to a street designated as a Permit Parking Area OR live in close proximity to a Permit Parking Area and not have on-street or off-street parking available. The Township issues permits for two-year periods beginning in January on even numbered years.

Parking Permits are issued by the Public Works Administration Department, located in Room 204 of the Township Administration Building, located at 8230 Old York Road in Elkins Park. Business hours are Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 4:30PM and Fridays from 8AM to 3PM, except holidays.


Applicants must present vehicle registrations for all vehicles when completing the application, which shall include the name and address of the owner and the vehicle's make, model and registration number. Permits may be issued to operators of vehicles that are leased or supplied by the applicant’s employer, proof of which must be documented by the applicant.

Temporary Parking Permit Placards

Permit holders in all Permit Parking Areas above, EXCEPT Spring Avenue and Park Avenue, will receive two temporary parking permit placards for guests.

Displaying Parking Permits

• Parking permits must be permanently attached to the rear side window on the driver's side.
• Parking permits must be displayed ONLY on the vehicle for which it is issued.
Any other use is a violation and will cause the revoking of the parking permit. The person to whom the parking permit is issued is responsible for the use, or misuse, of the permit.

Transferring Permits to New Vehicles

To transfer a parking permit to a new vehicle, permit holders must complete a revised application and pay the applicable transfer fee. The transfer of a parking permit shall not affect its expiration date.


$10 per vehicle


Any person violating any provision of the Residential Parking Permit Program shall be subject to revocation of his/her permit and, upon summary conviction, be fined up to $15 for each violation, together with the cost of prosecution, and in default thereof shall be subject to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 days.