Swim Lessons are not available in 2021.

Learn to Swim

Pool membership is required BEFORE you may sign up for swim lessons. Tag will need to be shown at time of registration in order to participate. Cash, Check or Money Orders are accepted at the pools. No Credit/Debit Cards.


1st child in family


2nd child in family


Each additional child in same family




Registration Dates

Instructional Dates

Session 1

Session 2



Learn to Swim Levels

Level 1:

Water Exploration

Develop comfort in the water & safe practices. Elementary aquatic skills.  *Parent in water with child*

Level 2:

Primary Skills

Learn to float without support & recover to a vertical position. Fundamental skills.

Level 3:

Stroke Readiness

Learn to coordinate front & back crawl; introduces elementary backstroke & treading water; begin diving from side of pool

Level 4:

Stroke Development

Improve endurance swimming; introduces breaststroke & sidestroke & turning at the wall

Level 5:

Stroke Refinement

Refine key strokes; introduces butterfly, open turns, feet-first surface dive & springboard dive

Level 6:

Skill Proficiency

Polish strokes for efficiency, power smoothness over greater distances. introduce pike & tuck surface dives