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Plants to be Eradicated

Other exotic invasive trees and shrubs are likely to be found as work progresses.


Herbaceous plants, Foliar spray

Japanese knotweed    Polygonum cuspidatum      Japan

Phragmites australis   Common reed (native species, exotic strain, invasive)

Cane                         Arundinaria                     Asia or southern US


Vines, Foliar spray

Akebia                          Akebia quinata                          China, Japan

English ivy                    Hedera helix                          Europe

Mile-a-minute                Polygonum perfoliatum            East Asia

Porcelainberry                Ampelopsis brevipedunculata   China, Korea

Sweet autumn clematis   Clematis paniculata                Japan


Vines, Cut-and-paint

Climbing euonymus     Euonymus fortunei                China

English ivy                 Hedera helix                         Europe

Japanese creeper         Parthenocissus tricuspidata   Japan, China

Japanese honeysuckle  Lonicera japonica                  Asia

Oriental bittersweet     Celastrus orbiculatus             Asia

Porcelainberry             Ampelopsis brevipedunculata   China, Korea

Wisteria                     Wisteria floribunda                 Japan


Shrubs, Cut-and-paint, or Foliar spray after full leaf

Amur honeysuckle        Lonicera maackii                 East Asia

Autumn olive              Eleagnus umbellate             Eurasia

Burning bush              Euonymus alatus                 Eurasia

Common privet           Ligustrum vulgare                Europe

Deutzia                      Deutzia scabra                   China, Japan

Doublefile virburnum    Viburnum plicatum              China, Japan

Guelder rose               Viburnum opulus                 Europe

Japanese barberry       Berberis thunbergii              Japan

Jetbead                     Rhodotypos scandens          Japan, China

Linden viburnum         Viburnum dilitatum              East Asia

Multiflora rose            Rosa multiflora                   Japan, China

Morrows honeysuckle   Lonicera morrowii                Japan

Rose-of-sharon           Hibuscus syriacus                Europe

Seybold viburnum        Viburnum sieboldii               Japan       

Sweet breath of spring Lonicera fragrantissima        Eastern China

Tatarian honeysuckle   Lonicera tatarica                 Eurasia

Wineberry                  Rubus phoenicolasius           East Asia


Trees – Cut-and-paint (under 3”), or Girdle-and-paint

Amur cork                   Phelodendron amurense       North China

Norway maple             Acer platanoides                 Europe

Princess tree               Paulownia tomentosa          East Asia

Siberian elm               Ulmus pumila                      Northeast Asia

Sycamore maple          Acer pseudoplatanus           Europe

Tree-of-heaven           Ailanthus altissima              Asia


Exotic invasive species present but not part of the Twp contract

Beefsteak plant          Perilla frutescens                India

Garlic mustard            Alaria petiolata                   Europe

Goutweed                  Aegopodium podagriaria       Eurasia

Stinging nettle            Urtica dioica ssp. Dioica      Europe

      Safety Data Sheets

      Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals  currently in use for the Invasive Species Eradication Project:


      Aqua Neat Label

      Aqua Neat Data Sheet

      Glyphosate Label

      Glyphosate Data Sheet

      Super Signal Blue

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