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Species to be Planted

Woody stock must be ordered by scientific name.  No substitutions allowed.  No cultivars, strains or varieties.  Stock is to be delivered to the site with scientific names and nursery source tag on each plant.


Streambank perennial grassland plantings and recommendations

 Elymus virginicus                Virginias wild-rye

 Elymus riparius                  Riverbank wild-rye

 Juncus effusus                   Soft rush

 Calamagrostis canadensis    Blue joint grass

 Andropogon virginicus         Little bluestem

 Carex vulpinoidea               Fox sedge

 Scirpis cyperinus                Woolgrass


Floodplain forest planting list and recommendations

Buttonbush                  Cephalanthus occidentalis

Black chokeberry           Aronia melanocarpa

Red chokeberry             Aronia arbutifolia

Red-osier dogwood        Cornus sericea

Gray dogwood              Cornus racemosa

Silky dogwood              Cornus ammomum

Winterberry                  Ilerx verticillata

Sweetbay magnolia       Magnolia virginiana

Swamp white oak          Quercus bicolor

Swamp rose                  Rosa palustris

Pussy willow                 Salix discolor

Elderberry                    Sambucus canadensis

Arrowwood                   Viburnum dentatum

Meadowsweet              Spiraea latifolia


Upland slope forest planting list and recommendations

Ironwood                   Carpinus caroliniana

Sweet pepperbush       Clethra alnifolia

Witch-hazel                Hamamelis virginiana

Ninebark                    Physiocarpus

Hazelnut                    Corylus virginiana       

Silky dogwood             Cornus ammomum

Shadbush                   Amelanchier Canadensis

Spicebush                  Lindera benzoin

Black haw                  Viburnum prunifolium

Virginia rose              Rosa virginiana


Woodland wildflowers and ferns, planting list and recommendations



False solomon’s seal

Solomon’s seal

Christmas fern

Hay scented fern

Virginia knotweed

Canada mayflower

Virginia waterleaf

Dutchman’s breeches

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