Although severe winter weather is a trial for everyone, observing a few guidelines will help everyone survive Mother Nature's worst.

Salting and cindering begin on primary highways as soon as snow or freezing rain starts to fall. Plowing begins after 3 to 4 inches accumulates. After primary routes are clear, plows proceed to secondary routes.
  • Stick to main thoroughfares whenever possible
  • Give yourself plenty of extra travel time in bad weather.
  • Maintain a safe distance from snow removal equipment.
  • Don't use high beams on headlights when driving behind snow equipment since the reflected light can hinder the driver's vision.
  • Always park cars in driveways during inclement weather, to allow curb-to-curb plowing.
  • Clear all sidewalks of snow and ice within 30 hours after precipitation ends.
  • Don't shovel or plow snow or ice into any public street, per Township Ordinance #1847-95.
  • Check our website, Facebook page, cable television and KYW radio for snow emergency information.
  • Remove parked cars from Snow Emergency Routes (see the accompanying list) whenever forecasts predict accumulations over two inches

Snow Emergency Routes

Parked cars must be removed from Snow Emergency Routes when the Township declares a Snow Emergency or whenever forecasts predict more than 2" of snow.  Moreover, only vehicles equipped with chains or snow tires may travel on Snow Emergency Routes.

  • Ashbourne Rd. (Tookany Creek Pkwy to Washington Ln.)
  • Easton Rd. (Cheltenham Ave. to Mt. Carmel Ave.)
  • Cedar Rd. (Church Rd. to Township Line Rd.)
  • Central Ave. (Ashbourne Rd. to Township Line Rd.)
  • Church Rd. (Falcon Dr. to Township Line Rd.)
  • Greenwood Ave. (Township Line Rd. to Cheltenham Ave.)
  • Limekiln Pk. (Mt. Carmel Ave. to Easton Rd.)
  • Mt. Carmel Ave. (Limekiln Pk. to East Rd., west side)
  • New Second St. (Cheltenham Ave. to Township Line Rd.)
  • Oak Lane Rd. (Cheltenham Ave. to Ashbourne Rd.)
  • Tookany Creek Pkwy. (New Second St. to Cheltenham Ave.)
  • Township Line Rd. (Washington Ln. to Greenwood Ave.)
  • Washington Ln. (Township Line Rd. to Cheltenham Ave.)
  • Willow Grove Ave. (Limekiln Pk. to Cheltenham Ave.)
  • Old York Rd. (Township Line Rd. to Cheltenham Ave.)