Patrol Division

Our Patrol Division is the backbone of the Police Department and they are usually the first point of contact the public encounters when dealing with the Police Department.

Patrol Cars The Patrol Division is staffed by: (1) Lieutenant, (8) Street Supervisors, and a Community Policing Unit Supervisor, who manage four platoons, and two Special Units. The Officers assigned to this Division provide a wide array of Police services to the community.  Each Patrol Platoon has a highly trained Police K-9 team assigned and each Platoon has two Evidence Technicians. Evidence Technicians help alleviate demands on our Detective Division. Each Technician receives specialized crime scene training and they are used to photograph the scene and they are trained to lift fingerprints at crime scenes. In addition, the Patrol Division has two specialized units, Anti Crime Teams and the Community Policing Unit.

The Officers assigned to our Anti Crime Teams proactively respond to such crimes as burglary, robbery, and thefts. These Officers are utilized in both plain clothes and uniform assignments as needed.

The Community Policing Unit offers the community a wide variety of specialized Police services. This Unit has many responsibilities including: crime prevention education to the public, teaching drug abuse and resistance education (DARE) in our schools, and shares information with the community through our “Neighborhood Alerts Program”. In addition, all of the Officers assigned to the Unit are trained to patrol on bicycles.

The Patrol Division is supplemented by, civilian volunteers who make up our Department’s Auxiliary Police Unit. Auxiliary Officers are used to help the Department with everything from fingerprinting job applicants, to crowd control at parades, to traffic control during emergencies.