Detective Division

Officer examining gun The Cheltenham Township Detective Division is staffed by: nine Detectives, one Detective Sergeant and one Detective Lt. Commander. The primary objective of the Detective Division is to work hand-in-hand with our Patrol Division to identify and apprehend criminal offenders, with special emphasis on the investigation of major crimes. Through this cooperation, both units operate efficiently to apprehend offenders and resolve cases. 

Our specially trained Detectives have the ability to process all major crime scenes in order to recover evidence and to assist in developing leads necessary to solve crimes.

This is made possible with the assistance of the most up to date state of the art equipment that has been made available to the detective division personnel.  Additionally, the detectives maintain close working relationships with other investigatory agencies from the local, County, State and Federal levels.

Two of the Units Detectives are dedicated to concentrate on juvenile crime and work closely with the community, the school district, and the Police Liaison Officer assigned to the Schools in the Township.

In addition to their investigative duties, detectives have the responsibility of prisoner processing which is fully automated within the Detective Division with AFIS and CPIN computers; as well as, the latest in video arraignment equipment.

In 2019, Cheltenham Township Police launch a security camera registration program with out partners at  By registering your cameras you are providing the Cheltenham Twp Police Dept with a proactive approach to preventing crime. You will provide basic information and tell us where your cameras are located. There is no cost associated with registration and your information is confidential. You will only be contacted by the Cheltenham Twp Police Dept in the future if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your security camera. Police personnel, if necessary, may request a copy of any video captured by your camera, which may assist in the investigation of a crime. (Note: your camera information will not be available to the public and only visible to the Cheltenham Twp Police Dept.) Register your camera