Medic Motorcycle Response Team

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Team established July 24 , 2003


Mission Statement

CTEMS has made a dedicated commitment to provide the most modern response in street emergency medicine. In addition to the best in equipment and personnel, we have added an Advanced Life Support, Quick Responder Motorcycle.  

The purpose of the motorcycle is to put a medic on the street, roaming the township, ready to respond to any 911 emergencies in the first minutes of a request for help. 

CTEMS consists of a staff of 12 full-time Paramedics. The Squad, which originated in 1985, responds to approximately 3,000 emergencies a year. The operation focuses on 911-related emergencies, special event and detail coverage such as football games, graduations, street fairs, bicycle races and community events, providing care and welfare to those attending. Rehabilitation services for large-scale events as in fire and hazardous materials emergencies are also provided for.

In 2001 major construction and redesign were scheduled for vital highways traversing our coverage area and that of neighboring communities. To ensure access to these areas during peak traffic periods, EMS Director Ken Hellendall, a motorcyclist himself, proposed a Medic Motorcycle Responder program. The program would enable EMS reach sites that might not be accessible to traditional fire and EMS vehicles to provide quick emergency care. After significant research, EMS presented a proposal to the Township Commissioners that was approved.

Aided by a grant from the Tenet Health System, EMS purchased a 1998 BMW 1100 RT-P motorcycle and Zoll EKG. The program launched on July 24, 2003.

Today the team continues to operate with great success, providing support to both 911 emergencies and large community events. An additional benefit has been the tremendous public appeal of the motorcycle, which gives our crews the opportunity to interact with the public, providing education and information.