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Available Monday-Friday from 9AM to 3:30PM

Cheltenham Township, in cooperation with the Montgomery County Office of Aging and Adult Services, underwrites free transportation for residents ages 65 and older anywhere in the Township on Mondays through Fridays from 9AM to 3:30PM.  In this “Cheltenham-only” service, Suburban Transit Network, Inc. (TransNet) transports riders curb-to-curb to any destination within Cheltenham Township boundaries, plus The Pavilion shopping center in Abington and the Jenkintown-Wyncote Train Station. TransNet subcontracts with Bux-Mont Transportation Services Co. to provide this service.

TrasnNet Bus 2017

Program Guidelines

  • Riders must be registered with TransNet.  Visit TransNet or call 215-542-7433 to receive a registration form.

  • Riders must schedule their trips with TransNet at 215-657-1212 at least one day in advance before 3:15PM.

  • Riders may share trips with others traveling to nearby destinations, so pickup times have a half-hour leeway both before and after the requested pickup time.

  • Drivers will wait only 5 minutes at the scheduled pickup location for riders.  Drivers are not permitted to go into a building.

  • If a driver leaves after waiting 5 minutes, the trip is considered a “no show.”  Bux-Mont will charge riders a $10 fee for “no shows,” which must be paid by the rider.  As a courtesy, Bux-Mont will waive the first “no show” fee, as riders learn the program guidelines.

  • Riders who change their minds about traveling must cancel their scheduled trips at least 2 hours before the scheduled pickup time by calling TransNet at 215-657-1212 or they will incur a $10 “no show” fee.  Riders should document the name of the person who takes their cancellation and the time of the call to avoid potential disputes over a “no show” fee.

  • Riders who don’t know when they will be ready for a return trip may schedule “will call” return ride. When they are ready to return home they should call TransNet at 215-657-1212.

  • Note: “Cheltenham-only” free service ends at 3:30PM.

  • Riders who use wheelchairs or who have an escort that assists them when traveling must advise TransNet at 215-657-1212 when scheduling their trips.

  • Bux-Mont drivers will assist passengers with up to four (4) plastic shopping bags.

This transportation option is available in cooperation with the Montgomery County Office of Aging and Adult Services.  The Pennsylvania State Lottery funds 85% of the Senior Citizen Shared Ride Program provided by TransNet.


NOTE: Riders may still use TransNet/Bux-Mont for transportation outside of Cheltenham Township or on alternate days, but riders must pay the customary fees for those trips.


Cheltenham Township won a third annual, consecutive Sustainability Award in 2012 from the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association (GVFTMA).