Property Maintenance

In June 2006 the Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2110-06 (pdf), which incorporates the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code with a few modifications, into the Township's Municipal Code.  As the name suggests, the Property Maintenance Code establishes minimum requirements and standards for all existing residential and nonresidential structures, both interior and exterior; all existing premises; existing equipment and facilities for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, life safety, safety from fire and other hazards; and for safe and sanitary maintenance.  A few of the more common issues include:

  • Exterior structure appearance
  • Rubbish and/or debris on property
  • Tall grass and weeds
  • Vacant structures
  • Vehicles without current license and/or registration
  • No fencing around pools
  • Improper street address numbering
  • Sidewalk, curb and/or driveway disrepair
  • Obstructed sidewalks.

The Property Maintenance Code increases protection for both public safety and property values.  Although the vast majority of structures in Cheltenham are beautifully maintained, one problem property can impact an entire neighborhood.

Enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code is managed by the Public Works Administration Department located in the Township Administration Building at 8230 Old York Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027. Copies of the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code may be reviewed at the Public Works Administration Department during business hours Monday through Friday, and at all four Township libraries during normal business hours.

Please report Property Maintenance Code violations to the Code Administrator shown below.

 Property Maintenance/Code Enforcement Staff
 Name Title Phone
  Scott Lynch
 Fire Marshal/Building Code Official
 215.887.6200, ext. 235
  Albert Sergio, Jr.
 Assistant Fire Marshal/Code Enforcement
 215.887.6200, ext. 223
  Vacant  Public Works Inspector
 215.887.6200, ext. 224
  Ariel Sykes
 Secretary for Building & Codes
 215.887.6200, ext. 220