Fourth of July Safety

Posted on Friday July 01, 2022

Independence Day Celebrations:

East Cheltenham Parade: Kicks off at 11:30 from Cheltenham Elementary at Front and Ashbourne, finishes at Veterans Field.  See parade route advisory here.

Glenside: Children's morning program at Renninger Park, 10:00am

Glenside Parade: Kicks off at 4:00pm at Jenkintown Rd and Roslyn Ave, heading east on Jenkintown and south on Easton Rd to its end at Renninger Park. 

Abington Township and the Greater Glenside Patriotic Association will also be hosting their annual Fireworks Display at the junior and senior high schools.

Please remember, though consumer fireworks are legal in PA, they are prohibited within 150' of combustible materials, including homes, businesses and other buildings, and vehicles.  They are not to be discharged in public streets or on any Township property.

A note from the County on when it's appropriate to call 9-1-1 for fireworks: 
"As a general rule, please do not call 9-1-1 simply to report the use of fireworks. However, please DO call (or text 9-1-1) if you witness:
• Careless or reckless use of fireworks
• Use of fireworks inside of or close to buildings and vehicles
• Use of fireworks with obvious alcohol or drug impairment
• An injury
• Property damage or a fire
• Any dangerous or hazardous situation"

For Cookouts:
- Grills should be checked for rust, insects, spiders, grease and other debris before use. 
- Worn gas hoses should be replaced. 
- Firepits should be properly maintained and operated away from dead leaves and other flammable debris. 
- Never grill indoors, in a garage, breezeway, or carport.? Grills should only be used 10 feet away from your house or any building. 

Please be considerate of your neighbors, fire responders, and pets, and have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend!


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