Architect Needed for La Mott BHAR; Citizens Committee Vacancies

Posted on Thursday September 09, 2021
New vacancy on the La Mott BHAR, and more vacancies:
The following Citizens Committees are in need of additional members!
- Economic Development Task Force
- Environmental Advisory Council
- Historical Commission
- La Mott Board of Historical Architectural Review *
- Planning Commission
- Shade Tree Advisory Commission
- Substance Abuse and Mental Health
- Twinning Committee
- Wyncote Board of Historical Architectural Review 

Members are formally appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Please send your resume with your interest to Ashley Lupino at [email protected] for consideration.

All (mostly monthly) meetings are held via Zoom at this time.

*One of the vacancies for the La Mott BHAR must be filled by a registered architect; preferably one who resides in the historic district.

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