Post House Numbers in Cheltenham Township

Posted on Tuesday February 01, 2011
Critical moments wasted while police, fire or ambulance personnel search for unmarked properties could make the difference between life and death.
In an emergency, clearly visible house numbers can save lives. 


Cheltenham Township requires property owners, lessees or occupants to post house numbers that are clearly visible from the street.  House/street address numbers must be:

  • In Arabic numerals.

  • A minimum of 4 inches tall. (Commercial and multi-family dwelling establishments must have numbers at least 6 inches tall, accompanied by the establishment name.)

  • Securely mounted to the front wall or porch of the building or placed upon a freestanding mailbox, post or other type of man-made fixture of substantial nature, excluding street curbs, so numbers are clearly visible from the street.

  • With sufficient contrasting background, arrangement, spacing and uniformity so numbers are clearly readable from the street.

  • At least 30 inches, but no more than 15 feet, above ground level and placed so trees, shrubs and other obstructions do not block the line of sight of the numbers from the street on which the house fronts.

Failure to post house numbers will result in citations and fines.  For more information, contact the Cheltenham Township Code Enforcement Office at 215-887-6200, ext. 223.

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