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PennDOT Herbicide Spraying Alternative (UPDATED 7/5)
Posted on Thursday July 05, 2018
Updated 7/5 with additional information.

The Township would like to make residents and property owners aware that it was not aware of PennDOT’s plans to undertake this latest herbicide selective spot treatment program in the Township last week and earlier this week.

The focus was on drainage, ditches, swales, and along roadway signs and sign poles in Cheltenham Township this year.

Although information was posted on the state website, the Township and property owners were not provided advance notification by PennDOT.

The Township Commissioners and Administrators are reaching out to PennDOT officials to communicate our concerns about the lack of advanced notification and use of chemical herbicide methods for treating growth or weeds in an attempt to change PennDOT’s vegetation maintenance practices.

It is still important that you, as property owners, should you want to be included in the State’s opt out program, complete the form at this link ( and file for a permit to maintain the vegetation within then state right of way abating your property prior to the state’s next round of maintenance spraying, which could be this fall or next spring.

We were advised that the next scheduled spraying will take place along the state roadways in Cheltenham Township sometime in 2019.  


Cheltenham Township officials announce that residents in properties situated along state highways who are concerned about PennDOT’s spraying of herbicides for roadside vegetation management have an option to avoid future spraying on their properties.  Instead, residents may complete an “Application for a Right-of-Way Vegetation Management Permit” to obtain permission to control and maintain vegetation in their own roadside right-of-ways. In the future, PennDOT or contracted herbicide spray crews will not spray areas covered by permits that are visibly maintained to a level that exceeds PennDOT’s roadside maintenance standards. 
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