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Gentle Flow Yoga on Zoom

Event Date:
Thursday August 20, 2020
Event Time:
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Contact Info:
Parks and Recreation
215-887-1000 ext 227

This class is intended for adults who can get up and down from the floor easily, students who are familiar with basic yoga postures, but it is also open to beginners. We will move slowly and consciously through the postures, flowing from pose to pose or flowing within a pose. We will integrate breath with movement, to create a moving meditative practice. A wider variety of poses are offered in this class, but there are always options/variations given for everyone in the class. Includes breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga philosophy. Class ends with final relaxation (savasana).
Please note: You will need a yoga mat for class as well as the following items which are not necessary, but are very helpful with practice: a blanket, 2 yoga blocks (or sturdy books), a yoga strap (or bathrobe sash or old neck tie), and water. Prior to class, make sure that you have an appropriate amount of space for safe movement. Wear loose comfortable clothing and please abstain from eating at least 1 hour prior to class. Instructor Kimberly Brock has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.

3 Sessions for ages 18 & older

$10 per session. Session dates: July 30, August 20, August 27. 


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